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                                         Dog Training and Behaviour

Canine Company Camp

Puppies learn from early experiences and unfortunately many have missed out on opportunities that build a solid foundation to cope emotionally during their future.  

Some of us are sure that we have given the best socialisation and habituation opportunities to create a well adjusted canine companion, but some rescue dogs and puppies may have missed out on valuble experiences.


A chance to elaborate on your dogs learning skills and offer situations that your dog has missed out on may be right here in a safe, monitored and interesting environment with other well adjusted and sociable, experienced canine friends.


PUPPY 4.5 weeks 24th june 043


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Every day our relationship with our puppy will develop further as we learn about each other, it is important therefore that the puppy gets to know how to 'be' in the human world he finds himself, so guidance from us right from the beginning when he first joins the family is essential.  


A puppy who has positive reward and praise when he is doing what we like will be a happy and confident dog who is a pleasure to have in the family.

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