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                                         Dog Training and Behaviour

Canine Company Camp


One to One

A 1-2-1 training session may be all you need to give you the tools in your mind for future success when spending time with your dog in various situations.  It is often a misunderstanding and a break down in communication with your dog that presents a problem and this will escalate all the while the behaviours that you don't want from your dog are practiced on a regular basis. 0ne to


One's will be based on a one hour training session after an initial brief on your dogs personality, character and any areas of your relationship or problems you would like to know more about.  This information can be taken via email or telephone conversation.


Pulling on the leash /lunging, clumsy over excited greetings, basic manners and recall, every day problems can be improved greatly in a 1-2-1 session.


Charges apply for travel costs.  20 miles max distance from EX16 8NW  :-


£5 within 10 miles of EX168NW

£10 outside 10 miles






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