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                                         Dog Training and Behaviour

Canine Company Camp

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Name    'Joe' Smiler, Spirit guide

Breed   Border Collie/WSD

Rescue dog Battersea Dogs Home at 6 months

Age 14yrs. I now guide in spirit and heal with my heart and soul.  

About me, very good at play, group social sessions, happy to share and join in.  I loved Reiki sessions and still join in to help and heal.

KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Love people!.

Favourite game, 'Catch'. frisbee, paddling.


Name    'Murphy'

Breed  JRT

Age 13 yrs, lived her since a young puppy

About me, confident, quiet, happy to share, sometimes help to give dogs company on walks and help them feel relaxed.

KC Good Citizen Bronze.

Loves cuddles

Favourite game. 'Tug' with Heidi Collie. flirt stick




Name  'Spy'

Breed  Border Collie/WSD

Age  13 yrs

About me, first 4 yrs unknown future and life of uncertainty, given away and have lived here for 9yrs.  Great helper when dogs visit for training sessions.  I Love people.

KC Good Citizen Bronze and Silver.

Competition Obedience Placed first outing 2016

Favourite game Search and frizbee.



Name   ' Heidi DN -TMA, NTD, ITD,ATD,ETD

Breed Border Collie/ WSD

Age 7.5 yrs

About me, born locally on a nearby farm, lived here since a young puppy.

I help with group social sessions, lead walking and training sessions.  Happy to share and join in with visiting dogs.

KC Good citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Competition obedience over 30 certificates

Competed at Discover Dogs 2014 and 2015

Competed at Crufts 2016

TrickMiester Team title Heidi DN-TMA

Favourite game Search, tricks, tug, catch,frisbee, digging, diving.  Actually too many to list!.

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Name 'Chilly'

Breed, Very rare colouful cat.

About me, born a couple of doors away, lived here since I was a young kitten.  Confident and calm, love my dog family and like to share.  I help by sitting quietly and make visiting dogs feel calm and content if I am nearby.

Helped many dogs to date relax near cats and like to join in on group walks in the fields.

Favourite game, stalking and mousing in the long grass.


Name    'Biggles' NTD

Breed Border Collie

Age 2 yrs, lived her since a young puppy

About me, happy to relax, love to learn and explore new things, tried competition obedience and hoopers, like to go camping.  Love people.

KC Good Citizen Bronze.  Learning to be a helper and demo dog like Heidi.

Favourite game. 'Tug' flirt stick.