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                                         Dog Training and Behaviour

Canine Company Camp








1 - 2 - 1 Behaviour Training session £30.00 to include initial questionaire and assessment via email or telephone call. £25/hr there after, additional charge if you would like a home visit Review 1-2-1


Pet dog training £15 / hr at training barn .    


Adolescent Dog 4 session course   £50.00 for dogs between 5months and 18 months.  Sessions to be used within 3 months of booking, sessions held at training barn


Puppy Training  6 session course   £42.00  Roll on roll off, starting   Puppies 16 weeks and under from start of course, held at training barn.


Behaviour therapy consultation and follow through 1hr 1-2-1 training session £150 (allow about 2 hrs), a behaviour modification & training guide via email/post.  Price includes travel within 10 mile radius of EX168NW


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