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                                                                                                                Liz Morris DN-DTC


I have enjoyed being a dog owner for over 4 decades and have developed a passion for border collies of which mine have mainly been rescue dogs.  My studies in canine behaviour and training began nearly 20 years ago and have since become a learnaholic where dogs are concerned - I love it!!.  

I work with groups of dogs and  handlers in a training club situation and privately on a weekly basis, also 1-2-1 training and behaviour therapy.  I love to see the connection between them and watch a relationship develop as the trust between them grows, there is so much to be learnt from every canine/carer relationship as  each one is unique and the personalities and characters of each dog vary so much.  Working with adolescent dogs is something I feel passionate about and love to help handler/dog come together during this time and embrace this phase with fun strategies for problem pevention and and outlet for the enthusiasm and intellegence that each dog offers.  I have four dogs who help me to create a calm environment for occasional social sessions and building confidence in dogs I work and train with.

All my work comes through word of mouth, recommendations from veterinary practices, canine professionals and dog training clubs.




























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