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                                         Dog Training and Behaviour

Canine Company Camp

For a dog to become a happy, well adjusted member of our family we first need to look at the world from his perspective and recognise the things in life that are important to him.  We can do our best to understand what he is trying to tell us and give what is needed where appropriate, with love and understanding most dogs have an amazing ability to muddle along with us in our every day and become a very big part of the family.  


Sometimes a dog will develop problems which upset our balance in the relationship and can lead to more serious behaviours if not recognised in the early days.  Most behaviour problems can be worked through, improved upon and often solved once there is structure in place and the carer learns ways to help thier dog have a more relaxed life on a daily basis.  Problems could be fear, nervousness, fear aggression, excessive barking, social problems with other dogs, pulling on the lead, not coming when called and many more.


Behaviour therapy would be an initial consultation.  I  can then work with you and your dog with structured behaviour therapy guidance.  You will recieve a written report for reference and a  1 - 2 - 1 follow up training session within one month of consultation date.


All my work is based on positive and reward methods and structured so a dog can learn to cope mentally and emotionally with the things that concern him.


The way we respond to unwanted behaviours in our dog is extremely important and if dealt with inappropriately, from the dog's perspective, could inadvertently create bigger problems later on.  It is good to remember that what the dog is thinking at this point in time when we react, in his mind it does matter...... a lot.  

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